Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside reading week 2

  1. Augusten's mom, the psychopath, starts to go to a psychiatrist who is very strange. Dr. Finch,the psychiatrist, and his family live in a rundown old house where anything goes. In this house Augusten meets an old lady/Patient of Dr. Finch with a similar obsession with cleanliness. At the end of this section Augusten comes home from school early to find his mom having sex with the local church minister's wife.

  2. Loaded words:

-Scrambling(pg 49): I think its negative because he uses it to describe the cockroaches in the Finch house. I think he chose this word because it does a good job describing how cockroaches move.

-Homicidal(pg 51): Its negative because its being used to describe Augusten's dad. He uses this word to show that his dad really wants to kill his mom.

-Freak and Faggot(pg 54): Both negative because they're words used to make fun of Augusten. He didn't chose these words they were yelled at him by his classmates.

-Wonderful(pg 58): Positive because its a compliment. he used this word to show us what he thinks of Joranne. Jorrane is a patient of Dr. Finch who lives in their house.

-Obsessive(pg 59): Negative because its describing a mental disease. He uses this word to describe joranne.

-Exotic(pg 59): Positive because it describes a disease that Augusten says that he wants. He chose this word to show us that he wants the disease because it would give him attention.

-ick(pg 86): Negative because he uses it to describe what he just saw. he uses this word because its what he felt like saying after he saw his mom and the pastors wife.

Stammered(pg 87): Negative because it's describing how he's yelling at his mom. he uses this word because it shows how shocked he was.

-Brilliant(pg 91): positive because its a happy word used to describe smart things. he uses it to describe the day as a good day.

  1. this book is very interesting and im glad i chose it. I am very suprised at how messed up this kids life was and somehow he didnt end up as a drug dealer.

Outside reading week 1

I am reading the book running with scissors and so far it seems pretty strange. When the book begins Augusten Burroughs is a child at age 12. He is a strange kid who is obsessed with shiny things, cleanliness, and his appearance. His parents are also messed up. His mom is a psychopath and clearly has some issues and his dad is an alcoholic. They hate eachother with a passion and eventually get a divorce. His dad even pretends to die after his mom pushed him into the countertop. Even though this book seems strange i have a feeling that it will be very interesting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This I bleieve assignment

  2. -Penn Jillette
  3. There is no God
  4. He believes that there is no god.
  5. Examples
    -"Believing there's no God stops me from being solipsistic. I can read ideas from all different people from all different cultures."
    -"I'm beyond atheism. Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy..."
  6. Favorite passage: "it seems rude to ask the invisible for more..."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First assignment

1.The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is being able to remember stuff like homework or where my classes are.

2.One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to not fail any of my classes and keep a B average.


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