Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside post 1

It was o.k. I found it hard to pay attention because it was in Spanish but it wasn't too bad. I believe that Ramon's request to die was perfectly o.k. The court system should have allowed him to die legally but instead they left it up to Ramon's friends. It would have been very hard to help kill one's friend and they were very brave.

The Sea Inside post 3

The shot i thought had a lot of meaning would be the one where Ramon flys to the ocean. I think it has a lot of meaning because it shows how his mind can wander off and then he takes an imaginary trip to the beach. Another important part of this shot is when he finds Julia at the beach and kisses her showing that he loves her.

The Sea Inside post 2

The sea inside and the diving bell and the butterfly are similar because they both involve quadriplegics. However, I believe that the sea inside was more powerful. I believe this because in the sea inside the quadriplegic dies. In my mind death creates a more powerful image. Also in the sea inside, we got to see the feelings of the separate people because it was a movie. These things move the watcher more making it more powerful.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Outside reading final paper

I believe that Augusten Burroughs wrote this book because he wanted to show us that life isn’t always perfect. I think he did a pretty good job at it too. He does this by his use of a humorous tone, his word choice, and figurative speech. By using all those elements he paints a great picture of how screwy his life was.

The first element Augusten uses to prove his point is a humorous tone. This shows that his life was so strange to the point of being funny. A quote that proves this would be the one I used in a previous post. "I am not gonna watch my sister scoop my dad's shit out of the toilet so she can put it outside to dry." To me that’s strange enough to be somewhat humorous.

The second thing he used to write this book would be word choice. He swears a lot when he writes and I think that just adds to how real this book really is. “You are a monster, he said. You are fucking evil monster. You’re no innocent fourteen-year-old. You’re a fucking psychopath.” If he had gotten rid of fuck in that quote it would’ve been less real. Also it would have created less emotion.

The final thing he uses to his advantage would be his figurative language. He does a very good job at using metaphors and similes. In fact the name of the book is comparing his life to running with scissors. He's saying that he's living his life as if he was running with scissors.

Augusten Burroughs wrote this book to prove a point. That point would be that life isn’t always perfect, and when it isn’t you’ve got to just live through it as best you can. He did a good job proving this point by showing us his childhood and by his use of a humorous tone, his word choice, and figurative language.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Outside reading final section

The final section of this book got good right away. Bookman, his boyfriend for a long time, runs away and nobody knows where he is. Then Augusten goes boyfriend hunting and ends up asking out a strait guy. After that he and Natalie take yet another trip to McDonalds. Finally, Augusten and Natalie go to college. Augusten drops out and decides he wants to be a writer and the book ends.

Week 5

Section five was very amusing. Augusten has decided he wants to be a hairdresser and practices on his 30-some year old boyfriend. He screws up and they have a little fight. Later, his mom has one of her episodes and hooks up with some wanted criminal. He hangs out with Natalie more often and they become more like good friends. Finally, at the end of this section, his mom has a really big episode and for a while they think she might not get better but she meets a new girl and they become girlfriends and somehow she gets better.

Outside reading week 4, part 1

"I am not gonna watch my sister scoop my dad's shit out of the toilet so she can put it outside to dry."(pg 167)
-Natalie Finch

I believe that this book's tone is somewhat humorous. I also think that the above quote is proof of that. It's as if Augusten is showing us how his life was so messed up to the point of being funny.

Outside reading week 4, part 2

Section four wasn't very significant, but it was still good. Augusten talks about the least screwed up and oldest Finch daughter. Then Dr. Finch scoops his poop out of the toilet because he believes its a sign from god. After that he and Natalie fulfill their dream of being singers and sing in front of a bunch of old folks. Finally at the end of this section Hope kills her cat on accident. It was a good and amusing section, just not significant. My favorite part was when the doctor thought his poop was a sign from god.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Reflection

I guess it was o.k. It wasn't as confusing as some other people said it was but it might have been hard to follow once or twice. I don't know how I'm gonna make this 300 words long because i really don't care that much about this book. hmmmmmmmmm. My dad read it but he wasn't to crazy about it either. yeah. thats really about it. +200 some words.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Outside reading week 3, part 2

Part three of this was pretty good. We find out that Augusten has an older brother, named Troy, who left when Augusten was younger. He has sex with his boyfriend which was fairly shocking and then we learn of his hate for Bill Cosby's daughter. that part was pretty amusing, especially because it drove him to pretend to commit suicide in order to get out of school.

Outside reading week 3, part 1

In this section Augusten tells the reader about his older brother Troy. Troy is apparently a weird kid in Augusten's eyes because he isn't able to speak very well. Next, Augusten has sex for the first time with his 32 year old boyfriend. Then towards the end of this section, Augusten explains his time spent going to school with Bill Cosby's daughter. He utterly hates her because she's perfect in every way. This hate for her is what drives Augusten to pretend to kill himself in order to go to a special hospital for months instead of school.

Augusten Burroughs was born in 1965. He lived in Massachusetts. He is the best selling author of many books including running with scissors. He now lives in New York with his partner Dennis Pilsits.