Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside reading week 2, part A

  • Crooked (pg 34): Not straight; Bending; or Not straightforward; Dishonest; or Askew; Awry
  • Ill-fitting (pg 33): Not fitting well
Figurative speech
  • "His smile was mocking." this is a personification because a smile cant really mock.
  • "If he said something of which they disapproved, they would mutter insults at him." this is another personification because they is referring to the books on a shelf.
  • "They tasted wrong." this is imagery because it refers to the sense taste.
  • "You know how sometimes a story seems to be about one thing, but in fact it's about another thing entirely? there's a meaning hidden in it, and that meaning has to be teased out." this quote is by David's dad and i think it's important because it might be foreshadowing something to come. Also it might be stating that there's a hidden meaning in this book.

A theme in this book i think is emerging is that it's fairy tale-ish.

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