Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outside reading week 6, part A

  • evacuation(pg 203): The act or process of evacuating, or the condition of being evacuated; discharge or expulsion, as of contents.
  • willingness(pg 203): Disposed or consenting; inclined.
Figurative speech
  • "The flames illuminated the village as if it was midday." This is a simaly because it is comparing using like.
  • "It tasted of stale bread". This is Imagery because its showing us what his food tasted like.
  • "Then something moved,and they saw a massive yellow body erupting from beneath the earth, ridged like that of a great worm, each ridge embedded with thick black hairs, each hair ending with a razor sharp barb." This would probably be both a simaly and imagery because it compares the beast to a great worm and at the same time paints a vivid picture of the beast in our minds.
  • "All was quiet as they passed through the trees, for the things that dwelled within them heard david coming and were afraid. Even the crooked man, who had returned to his perch among the topmost branches, now looked at the boy in a new way, and tried hard to work out how he might best use this latest development to his advantage."

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