Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 10 List

These are the top 10 things you should know about The Book of Lost Things:

  1. David: David is important because he's the main character. He starts off a little weird with his “routines” he does every day, but he later conquers those. Also, for the most part, he’s sad, angry, or confused. He also settles down later in the book.
  2. The Crooked Man: The Crooked Man is important because he is basically the villain. He constantly tries to get David to reveal his brothers name so he can eat his heart and live for another 100 years.
  3. David’s Family: David’s Family is complicated and so therefore important. David’s real mom dies early on and is quickly replaced by a woman named Rose. Rose and David’s dad have a child who David hates. Rose tries to get close to David but his hate for her makes it hard for them to get along.
  4. Main Event One: The first important event would be when David’s mom dies. This is important because after this David basically goes wacko. He thinks he can hear books and starts seeing a “crooked man”. This also leads him to create his dreamland.
  5. Main Event Two: The second important event would be when David enters the imagination land. I say imagination land because it’s hard to tell if it’s even real. Later when David gets out he’s told that he’s been knocked out for three days because a plain crashed and buried him in the ground. But either way this event is important because he’s in this magical place for almost the entire book.
  6. Main Events Three and Four: These events are put together because they are both great moments when David faces his fears. The first event is when David kills the giant worm beast thing. The second is when he kills the sorceress in the castle of barbs. These events are so special because when a human child enters this land, it brings its fears with it. Having destroyed his fears David becomes stronger in the eyes of the crooked man.
  7. Main Event Five: The last important event is when David leaves the imagination land. This is important because he wakes up in a hospital and is told he’s been asleep for three days. While he’s in there he has an epiphany and decides to be nice to Rose from then on. After this the author sums up his life in about ten pages and the book ends with David dying.
  8. Theme: One theme in this book would be fairytale-ish. This book is fairytale-ish because it constantly uses parodies of other fairytales. Examples would be snow-white and the seven dwarves, trolls under a bridge, little red riding hood, and even the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.
  9. Theme: Another theme would be gloomy. This book is often sad or depressing. Many people, some close to David, die or, in some cases, get brutally massacred. Also David’s mom dies in somewhere around the third chapter. It just seems a little gloomy.
  10. Plot: The last thing you should know about the book of lost things would be the plot. Basically this book is about a boy, David, who follows his recently deceased mother’s voice through a hole in a garden. He ends up in a magical fairytale land and the only way he can get home is to see the king, or so he thinks….

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